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Furniture designed to satisfy the art lover in you

Neil Aronowitz utilized and manipulated the material Concrete Canvas which is basically “concrete cloth on a roll” to create a furniture collection that seems more like artwork … Fungk is an organic lighting fixture by Tabo Design Studio that takes its inspiration from flowers and branches. The hand-shaped lampshades are truly a work 

19 design-y decor ideas (from an architect)

Arcs, arches, and the aforementioned lozenges are ubiquitous in interior design right now. There’s still a lot of life left in this trend … At work, we often pair these with a long dining table or place them at the foot of a bed. Drawing from the skinny-leg furniture from Scandinavian furniture leaders like Hay and Muuto, this bench 

This Amazing Furniture Designer Puts the “Fun” in Functional

Designer Stelios Mousarris fuses whimsy with function in his growing collection of contemporary furniture. For years, we’ve marveled over his ability to incorporate play into the structural elements of coffee tables and dining tables. Inspired by the likes of films and Saturday morning cartoons, Mousarris surprises and delights us with his 

At Stockholm Design Week, Scandinavia’s Many Aesthetic Viewpoints Shine Bright

Nevertheless, while the exhibition is only on view through the end of the week, Offecct’s Japanese garden–inspired furniture, presented at the fair, will undoubtedly help continue the clear and ongoing connection between Scandinavian design and the island nation throughout the year. In other words, the Japandi trend is far from o 

Home and Design: The Best Outdoor Furniture Material

Most notably, with landscape architects and interior designers crafting modern, state-of-the-art patios and backyards that need the same amount of style and design as interior spaces. Additionally, similar to bedrooms or living rooms, in an outdoor space, the furniture is essential to its success. The good news is that there are many high