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Fitness tips: how to embrace the outdoor gym

Exercising outside offers fun, flexibility and fresh air – and it’s  

You have no excuse to skip the gym…when it’s right next to your desk

The new trend of putting office space inside health clubs is an innovative way to combine work and working  

This Guy Lost 115 Pounds by Going to the Gym with a Friend

As he grew up, the 32-year-old IT director from Basildon Essex, United Kingdom, wasn’t really active. “Never had been to a gym in my life,” he says. “Always made excuses.” On top of a largely sedentary job and no real physical activity, he loved alcohol and takeout, indulging in both almost daily. “My diet was shocking 

Your Gym Machines FAQs Answered & a Back and Core Sculpting Workout to Try

If you’re not familiar with gym machines, you might be familiar with free weights, such as barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell, based workouts instead. Praised for their versatility and do-anywhere-anytime quality, free weight workouts can make training more flexible around busy lives and busier gyms. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that 

Kevin Hart Says Working Out Is ‘Harder’ for The Rock in New ‘Gym and Fridge’ Video

But even when Hart moves, his schedule stays put. “When we travel, the first priority is finding a gym,” Hart says. He starts his day there, at the new gym, at 5:30 a.m. Hart says putting fitness at the top of his day means he’s investing in himself first. “I can’t start the day without it.” “As you notice, I’m a well