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Apple Loop: Stunning iPhone 12 Hardware, Dangerous iPhone Security Problems, New iPhone 9 Will Sell Out

This week’s Apple headlines; new iPhone 12 details, how Apple is beating Samsung, why the iPhone 9 will sell out, Whatsapp’s dangerous iPhone flaw, the latest MacOS update, the folding iPhone, the latest Overcast improveme 

Apple To Pay $27M For Slowing Down Old iPhone Models

After more than two years after it was caught intentionally slowing down old iPhone models, a French competition and fraud watchdog has officially fined Cupertino tech giant Apple to pay a huge amo 

5 iPhone 11 Pro cases you can get on Amazon for under $15 each

The iPhone 11 Pro really is a stunning smartphone, isn’t it? Sure, Apple first introduced the design all the way back in 2017, but the company did a great job of refining it along the way. The glass front and back sandwich a stainless steel frame that’s a cut above anything you’ll find these days on an Android phone. And that triple-lens 

The Best Android Phone for iPhone Users to Switch to: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

For those who chooses iPhones for its seamless simplicity, Android may seem comparatively complicated. But for anyone who have become tiresome of the high price tags, the vast but constrictive ecosystem and wants to switch to the Android c 

This week in Apple: Foldable plans, iPhone slowdowns earn Apple a hefty fine

Despite how it might seem, moving from iOS to Android is easier than ever, and many of the services and systems on iOS have similar or even the same counterparts on Android. If you’re looking for a great Android device to replace your iPhone, consult our list of the best Android smartphones available